The mystical Guru Mannat Baba has a string of spiritual experiences,which transformed him as an enlightened person. He eventually embraced monkship. He started teaching as a spiritual Guru, blessing & healing followers and guiding them to learn fundamentals of meditation.

His teachings, discourses and sermons help followers to leap forward for enlightenment.
(see details the teachings)

A good number of people join his ‘blessings & healing’ sessions to seek his spiritual prowess.
(see details the blessings& healing)

The fundamentals of meditation are essential, co-terminus and in tandem with the teaching of Mannat Baba for a small step towards enlightenment and spiritual life. Thereforenumerous people join his ‘meditation sessions’. They may also expect departure from mundane life to spiritual living during meditation and thereafter.
(see details the meditation)

Born to hindu parents at the holy city of Varanasi (India), Mannat Baba is suitably educated, armed with university degrees. Mannat Baba is a former doctor (MBBS) and a trained Radiologist (MD) who abandoned the idea of joining fellowship in interventional Radiology (FRCS) at Royal collage in England (UK). He has forsaken his Royal collage fellowship at the behest of his model deity(Istadevata)Sree Hanuman.(see detail his biography)

Mannat Baba, in all fairness, concedes that his spiritual prowess is derived from his model and sole deity Sree Hanuman (Istadevata). In contemporary India and among modern time hindus, Sree Hanuman is the most popular, venerated and living god.(see details the Sree Hanuman).

The spiritual and mystical intuition, of Mannat Baba, his blessings and healing prowess is much akin to sixteenth century healer Nostradamus, who is famous for his collections of prophecies. The followers of Manna Baba believe he is an incarnation of Nostradamus. (see details)

All and sundry are invited to join his blessings& healing sessions and meditation programs. (see details how to join MannatBaba)

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