Health support charities with focus on blood donation camps and establishing dry blood bank

Mannat Baba has founded dry blood bank way back in 2012 with the help and support of his followers. He mooted the concept like a “no profit no loss start-up”. In dry blood bank  no one is required to donate his blood in blood bank or blood donation camps. But he/she reserves his blood for “blood on demand”. If some needy patient requires a particular blood group at the middle of the night or during wee hours he may call upon the secretary of Mannat Maitri charitable trust. The secretary immediately calls upon the prospective donor and reach upto the required needful fellow. This is all done in short span of time and medical support reaches to the person.B'DAY 2020

Organizing Blood Donation Camps were on regular basis. The Blood donation camps are mostly organised on Guru Purnima, Sharad Purnima, New Year Day and Sundry other hindu festivals. Setup of dry blood bank.- the Spiritual Guru Mannat Baba (Sanjay K Singh) has setup dry blood banks in different cities of M.P viz Bhopal Jabalpur, Gwalior, Chhindwara , Indore, Chhatarpur, Vidisha, Damoh, Satna, Katni, Narsinghpur, Khargone And Different other b And c grade cities. The Concept of dry Blood Bank is unique to  Mannat  Maitri Charitable Trust.

For Dry Blood Bank we procure the blood group of followers and prepare a donor list on demand. The moment, as and when, blood is demanded by the patient on urgency basis, one of our follower with matching and demanded blood group rushes to the hospital and donate the blood immediately to needed patient. This blood donation is ready on 24X7 basis.20200106_124815

Trust is actively engaged in de-addiction activities also. Hundreds of thousand persons have been de-addicted and sent to home after proper de-addiction measures. We have sessions for alcoholic as well as for other grass smokers.

Trust is conducting ethical, religious sermons for spreading ethical and religious values among masses particularly Hindu and Jain communities.             Trust is conducting meditational session and yoga activities for life style diseases as well as for spiritual upliftment.

Trust is engaged in spreading and teaching spiritual values among foreigners’.