Trust is actively engaged in de-addiction activities

Trust is actively engaged in de-addiction activities also. Hundreds of thousand persons have been de-addicted and sent to home after proper de-addiction measures. We have sessions for alcoholic as well as for other grass smokers.

Alcoholism and drug related abuse is quite prevalent in all strata of society. De- addiction is very close to the heart of mannat baba, since it has disintegrated families rich and poor alike. Mannat baba adopt time honoured mode of counselling the alcoholic person and amalgamate it with irrational miracles of spirituality sometime. Since Indians folks have extraordinary influence of spiritual gurus. Therefore even at the brief counselling, addictive person accept the gurus command. He almost immediately swear by the deity, which is known as god promise and commits to abandon alcoholism instantly.

Please watch the recorded film footage associated with this presentation.

After gurus command and deity’s invocation (god promise), de addiction success is fabulously extremely well.

Immediately after de addiction and the alcoholism few person may develop—

  1. Either withdrawal syndrome.

2 or post alcoholic depression syndrome.

Such sobers are brought again to us and they are put on treatment for few days to evolve successfully sober. This treatment is provided under the medical attention and supervision of Mannat baba, since Mannat baba is a trained doctor (MBBS and MD), he successfully carries the withdrawal management.

Most of alcoholic persons do not require a second command for counselling by Mannat Baba, as well as there is no emergence of withdrawal syndrome in alcoholic’s body. But some of these addictive persons may require withdrawal management also.

Following is the list of alcoholics who left alcoholic abuse and where successfully treated for withdrawal also-

Year wise detail- 2016, 2017, 2018-2019

means and modes-

1.Alcohalics are counselled and instructed by Mannat Baba to avoid alcohol.(Plz watch the film footage.)

Most of the alcoholics stop drinking liquors. But few of them may develop withdrawal or alcoholics depression.

  1. Mannat Maitri Charitable Trust (MMCT) follows such alcoholics and put them on withdrawal management.
  2. Following is list of person who have arrived for withdrawal management (It’s not the exhaustive list)